Dr. Clinton Heidelberg is the Pastor of The Greater Beaver Meadow MB Church, located in Heidelberg, Mississippi.  Accepting Christ at the early age of nine, Dr. Heidelberg had the   foresight to recognize the importance of his higher calling and through Dr. Heidelberg’s visionary leadership, the ministry at Greater has grown extensively.  Currently, the ministry is in the midst of erecting a huge live center and a brand new sanctuary.  These exciting new additions will provide even greater opportunities for Dr. Heidelberg’s congregation to win souls to Christ and meet the needs of the total man.

A devoted servant of God as well as educator, Dr. Heidelberg is an accomplished scholar with a BS Degree, Masters Degree and a Doctorate with over one hundred and fifty completed hours in continued education.  His passion is the Sunday School Ministries where he has been teaching for thirty four years on radio and television.
Taking great pride in personally delivering messages of hope and inspiration, Dr. Heidelberg travels the world extensively organizing revivals, restorations, lecturers and building powerful Sunday schools.  The purpose of the Sunday School Ministries is to enlighten, equip, and empower the believers in the body of Christ. 

Today, not only is Dr. Heidelberg one of his generation’s leading spiritual counselors, he is also an established entrepreneur, maintaining four prosperous businesses in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. He is also a Mississippi state licensed realtor.  As one who always remembers to count his own blessings Dr. Heidelberg’s favorite scripture is that of Ephesians Chapter 3, Verse 20, and he lives his life daily by the selfless motto: Givers always gain.

*Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us- Ephesians Chapter 3, Verse 20

Email: cw5008@yahoo.com