In a constantly changing world that can often seem isolating, the one constant common denominator to grant us strength throughout both good times and adversity is God. In the fellowship of faith we welcome everyone to Sunday School Ministries, a God given ministry assigned to and directed by Dr. Clinton Heidelberg.

The mission of Sunday School Ministries is in itself simplistic yet of the highest universal relevance to anyone who is ready and willing to receive the blessings of the Lord. We exist to worship and serve God, win the lost and meet the needs of the total man. With a devotion to scripture and compassion for everyone, our purpose is to inform, equip, enlighten and empower the believers in the body of Christ.

Sunday School Ministries is proud to have blessed many groups and organizations. Individuals gain spiritual guidance within a multitude of workshops, conferences and revivals. Through increases in Sunday school attendance, soul winning, and the blessings of tithes and offerings, our ministry programs continue to inspire and provide a religious foundation for communities near and far. We humbly thank all of our past supporters and of course our doors always remain open for those seeking a clear and comprehensive path to finding their personal connection with God. Together, may we forever partner to invest in the heavenly Kingdom.